My name is Walter Schwär, born in 1957 born in Cape Town. I studied theology at the University of Pietermaritzburg, was a vicar in Hannover (Germany) in 1985/86 and then added another two semesters of theological studies in Heidelberg.

After completing the second theological exam in November 1987, I was ordained in December 1987 in my home congregation, the 'Kreuzkirche' in Bellville.

My ministry began in Bloemfontein, serving practically the whole of the Free State, including the congregation in Kimberley. The St.Johannis Congregation in Wynberg (Cape) was my second congregation I served at until 1995.

As from 1st January 2011, I serve as pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church located at 98 Strand Street and at the Vasco Church in Goodwood, Cape Town.